Sega Selling Individual Roms On Steam!


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! A couple of days ago I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers ETA Prime. If you are into emulation and retro gaming definitely check out his channel. A lot of neat stuff on there. Anyway he was doing a tutorial on how you can buy individual Sega Genesis, and Sega CD ROMs off of Steam. Now I don’t plan on redoing a tutorial on what he did. Here’s a link to his video if you want to watch and do it yourself. But it got me thinking. What Sega is doing is a step in the right direction! Hopefully more developers follow suit.

The name of this collection is called The Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Collection. You can buy the whole collection off of Steam for $29.99 or buy each individual ROM for $.99. This is another way to play Sega Classic games and I feel that is great. You can also buy the Genesis Collection for your PS4, or Xbox One. On the Nintendo Switch they have the Sega Ages which is another way you can play Sega Classic games on that platform. And you can play select Sega titles on your Android or Apple device. Sega makes their classic selection of games easily accessible to people I feel. So if you want to play a classic such as Sonic The Hedgehog 2 you can play it easily. One of the things I really like about buying the collection off of Steam is you don’t have to use the default emulator on Steam. You can play them on any emulator you like. I feel that this is what developers should be doing so we can start buying ROMs legally and be able to play them on your PC, Android device, or single board computer. Now my question is why doesn’t Nintendo do this?

If Nintendo sold their ROMs individually allowing consumers to play the game legally on an emulator of their choice that would be amazing. I’m sure you would have a lot of people that would buy ROMs legally if they had the option to do so. And Nintendo would be making tons of money off of it. This is just ANOTHER MISSED opportunity by Nintendo. For a company that has so much history behind it they sometimes just don’t think things out thoroughly I feel. And I’m being very honest when I say that. They are being well….. Nintendo. And I’m not a Nintendo hater. I want to see them do well. But some of their business decisions have me shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders at times. Even the biggest Nintendo fans out there have to be shaking their heads at some of their business decisions. But all I’m saying is if they sold all their ROMs of all their first party games they had ever put out I would buy quite a bit of them. And if they did this that means no more having to re-buy classic games that you owned on a previous console. That is saving money and being smart if you ask me.

One more thought before I close. Why hasn’t Nintendo ever put out a compilation of their greatest games? I mean I know we got the NES/SNES Classic but wouldn’t it just be nice to get a compilation of their top 50 NES games, or top 50 SNES games on one cartridge? I would buy that. Once again another MISSED OPPORTUNITY. I feel they sometimes just don’t want to make money. I don’t know. It’s a bit frustrating. I know their online service is coming so we’ll wait and see what happens.

Anyway what are your thoughts on what Sega is doing? Do you think Nintendo and other 3rd party companies should do the same? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time! Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. Play on playaz!


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