Do You Remember?: All That Musical Guests!

da brat

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! A while back I wrote a post about my favorite SNICK shows. Check that post out here if you haven’t yet! So one of the shows from that post All That is going to be the focus of today’s post. I don’t know if anyone remembers but they had a variety of awesome musical guests at the end of every show. Some of them would even participate in skits before going out to perform. When you watch reruns of the show today however it appears that the musical performances have been edited out of each episode. It sucks but I’m sure Nickelodeon has its reasons for doing this. Anyway for this post I want to talk about some of my favorite musical performances from the show.

All That has had a variety of musical guests. From hip-hop, R&B, and pop music later on it has been pretty diverse in who has performed on the show. Early on in the mid 90’s when the show first started the show mainly had hip-hop and R&B acts. I guess you can say Nickelodeon the first kids network was my opening into getting into the hip-hop genre. You would be surprised at the names of artist that were on the show. Craig Mack, Nas, OutKast, Mase, Busta Rhymes, P. Diddy, and Wyclef Jean were some of the hip-hop artists on the show. As for R&B you had Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, Changing Faces, Jon. B, Soul For Real, and many more in that genre. Later on as the series progressed you had popular pop acts of the late 90’s and early 2000’s such as N*Sync, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Joey McIntyre, and Mandy Moore make performances on the show. The show seemed to make a turn in terms of the musical performers they had on the show.

I’ve always wondered why Nickelodeon went with Hip-Hop and R&B acts when the show first came on. Maybe they were easy to book at the time. I don’t know but I’ve always wondered. My mother wasn’t a fan of me listening to hip-hop but that’s a battle that the parent always loses. Kids get older and it gets to the point where the parent has no control and eventually just give up. But I’m sure if she knew more about the artists that were performing at the end of All That she would’ve tried to not let me watch the show. But since she thought Nickelodeon was harmless when I was growing up I’m sure she didn’t even bother checking what was coming on that channel. But if she wants to blame anyone for me loving hip-hop music Nickelodeon and All That played a pretty big roll in that.

Below I’m going to list my top five performances from All That along with some honorable ones I feel are worth mentioning. If I can find the video of the performance I’ll post that below otherwise I’ll post a link to the song or music video on YouTube.

5. Ice Cube- We Be Clubbin’. Ice Cube on All That! OMG! A former member of N.W.A and the Westside Connection on All That. Nickelodeon you have gone crazy. It’s not one of my favorite Ice Cube songs but he is one of my favorite rappers and the fact that he performed on this show was incredible. Too bad he didn’t do a skit however.

4. Mokenstef- He’s Mine. Remember Mokenstef? Probably not! But that’s ok because they were one hit wonders. You’ll probably remember the song though if you were a big R&B fan in the mid 90’s. I personally am not the biggest R&B fan but this was one of the first R&B songs I really got into when started listening to it. And the fact that they performed on All That you know they were real popular during that time. Too bad they were one hit wonders. Here’s a link to the music video.

3. Da Brat- Give It 2 You. Da Brat performed several times on All That. This is my most memorable one I had of her. Great song off a great album. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video for this song so I posted another song she did on the show Fa All y’all! Pretty good performance if you ask me. If you want to hear the song here is a link to that.

2. Twinz- Round & Round. If you’re a Warren G fan and listened to him when he blew up you probably remember his homies the Twinz (Tripp Locc and Wayniac). Yes All That had a little big of G-Funk to whnen it came to musical guests. I’m surprised Warren G himself never made an appearance on the show if the Twinz did. For your listening pleasure if you are looking for a great G-Funk CD to stream make their Conversation CD. From top to bottom that CD is very well produced. Warren G is a musical genius. Here’s a link to the music video.

1. Coolio- Fantastic Voyage. Coolio was arguably the most popular hip-hop star in the mid 90’s. Many say that he wasn’t hard but he was. If you ever listened to any of his albums you know they aren’t kid friendly. I feel he does get a bad rap because he was the first one to give Gangsta Rap a fun twist. G-Funk gave it a laid back smooth feel but Coolio I feel could turn a gangsta rap record into a fun gangsta rap party record if that makes any sense. LOL!

Honorable Mentions:

LL Cool J- Loungin’. He was one of many performers who went on the show more than once. This is his most memorable performance I thought! Check it out this classic here!

MC Lyte- Cold Rock A Party. Great song and even better performance. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the performance. Here’s the link to the music video.

Naughty By Nature- Clap Yo Hands. I really thought they should’ve went with Feel Me Flow since that was on the same CD but hey I guess this song is more kid friendly. Here’s a link to the video!

Tony! Toni! Toné!- Let’s Get Down feat. DJ Quik. Yes even DJ Quik made an appearance on All That. Check out the performance below.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page where it has a list of all the performers by episode. I’m sure someone you liked once appeared on the show and you possibly didn’t even know it. Who were some of your favorite All That musical guests? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time! Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. I hope this post was “All That”. LOL!

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