About This Blog

TWOTALL4UFOOL’s Gaming & More is a blog in the gaming and technology niche. However it has been known to go into other topics as well. On this blog you can read anything from a game review (current or retro), to my reaction on gaming news (good or bad), to a product review. Some of the other topics that are covered in this blog vary from interviews with other bloggers, to random rants, and once in a while a post that will make you reminisce (or nostalgia). When you visit this blog I want you to leave thinking differently. Whether it’s a game review, product review, or anything else, I want you (my readers) to think differently on whatever topic I’m writing about. I want you to have thoughts you never even thought about until you visited this site. I want you guys to really think about the content on this site and I encourage you guys to share your opinions, and  comment on everything I write about. If it’s something you don’t know about don’t be afraid to ask questions. I do want to educate my readers on topics that I know about that they may be wondering about. I want to help and interact with all of you whether it is a debate about something, or a gift idea for a friend or a loved one who is a gamer. I also encourage you to introduce me to new things that I never knew about whether it is through comments, e-mailing me or hitting me up on one of my social media accounts. So I encourage you to subscribe to this blog as I will do my best to make it different than any other gaming blog that is out there. I strive to standout since I always have. And of course as I stand out I want to keep you (my readers) in my thoughts! Enjoy your visit here!