Roller Coaster Tycoon on the Nintendo Switch?


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. I recently heard some news that got me very excited. Roller Coaster Tycoon on the Nintendo Switch. Atari the game’s developer wants to port the game over to the Nintendo Switch through crowd funding. Now this to me sounds good and bad at the same time. Good in a sense that we are getting another awesome game ported to the Switch. But there is a bit of bad to this as well. Let me explain further.

Roller Coaster Tycoon for those that don’t know was a PC game that came out in the late 90s. It was later ported to the original Xbox, and had a series full of expansions, and sequels. The player plays as manager, owner…. whatever you want to call them and they create an amusement park by building new attractions, staying within budget, keeping customers happy, attracting new ones, and anything that would come with managing an amusement park. Think of it as SimCity but instead of a mayor of a city you are a manager of an amusement park. That sounds so much more fun right? Just seeing the picture of that game brings back so many memories of me being in front of my comptuer screen for hours just being hooked creating some of the best theme parks ever. I didn’t game on the PC much growing up but this was one of the games I played on it. It’s the only game I can remember at the top of my head anyway. This in my opinion would be great on the Nintendo Switch for several reasons. Besides being able to take it on the go with you it would show a lot of younger gamers who were probably too young, or maybe even not around at the time a great game. Even though it is a port it’s something we haven’t seen in a while. Another thing that would make this great is that they could put everything on it. Put all three original games on it along with their expansions and it would be a monster. So many different options for the player. Hopefully someone from Atari is reading this so they take my idea :-). There’s a lot of different possibilities Atari can do with this so if this thing ever comes true hopefully they get it right and not disappoint anyone.

But there’s always a bad to crowd funding projects such as these. So I guess they want investors for this project. The campaign is through Start Engine. Here’s a link to the website in case you are interested in seeing what the details are or even possibly investing in the project. The thing that gives me a red flag about this who thing is that they already have this Ataribox that they were supposed to have pre-orders on and then were stopped at the last minute. Pre-orders were suppose to go live in December, and now no one knows when they are going live. My opinion on that thing is a whole other blog for another time. But the fact that they were delayed is a red flag in my eyes and if they get enough money would the same happen with this game going to the Switch. I mean let’s think about it. Another thing that has me concerned is the fact that this franchise has made over $220 million. Why are they doing a crowd funded campaign to get this game on the Switch? That’s a bit puzzling if you ask me. And if it gets delayed that is not going to go well with people especially the investors. Hopefully they get this right.

Right now if you want to play Roller Coaster Tycoon they have the mobile game Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch which you can get on iOS and Android. Whichever one is convenient for you. If you want to play it on a platform if you have an OG Xbox lying around try to find this game and give it a try. Or if you have PC give it a try on that as well. One I think I’m going to try is Roller Coaster Tycoon 3DS for the Nintendo 3DS. I’m going to try to snag this game at a local GameStop and hopefully get a review out to you guys later in the year. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it so I’m a little curious on how it is. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s been TWOTALL4UFOOL. Remember TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading and below is a video explaining the campaign.

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