L.A. Noire Game Reivew


Players: 1

Co-op: No

Genre: Adventure

Release Date: 11/14/2017

ESRB Rating: M

Developer: Rockstar

Publisher: Rockstar

Platform Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch

Additional Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC

Initial Thoughts: I was very excited when I found out that one of my favorite games on the PS3, L.A. Noire was being remastered and brought to current  generation consoles. I was even more excited when I heard it was being brought to the Nintendo Switch. I didn’t have a Switch at the time but was planning on getting one right before it came out. I was very curious to see if it could handle the power of game such as L.A. Noire. My theory is that Rockstar wants to put out more games on the Switch (GTA V). While playing this game I see that not only does it play great in dock mode but in handheld mode as well.

Description: The setting is Los Angeles in the late 1940s after World War II. You play the role as Detective Cole Phelps who is a war vet. You start out as a patrolman and then are promoted to detective after a few cases as a patrolman. You start out in the Traffic Division, the homicide, then vice, and finally arson. Once you are detective you solve crimes and have to go to crime scenes and question witnesses, and possible suspects. You also get to drive around the L.A. and discover cool landmarks such as the L.A. Public Library, the La Brea Tar Pits, Hall of Records, L.A. County Art Museum, and many more. You are given a police car that has a siren and dispatch radio where you can respond to street crimes going on around the city. However you can get into other cars as well. But you can’t use a siren and the radio is only playing 1940s type music. When at a crime scene you want to gather as many clues as you can. When questioning people you have to read their face and you can either play good cop, bad cop, or accuse. If you accuse them of anything you have to use clues you have gathered to back up your accusation. Depending upon if you are right or wrong will lead to different outcomes and leads for that specific case. Every case can be played again once it is solved. Besides questioning people there are times when you will be able to use your weapon and shoot at bad guys. But it will prompt you at certain times when you can use it. As for street crimes they will come up on the radio as you are on your regular case. These are optional but help you rank up in experience so it is highly recommended you do them. They are quick and you get to use your gun in a lot of them.

Final Thoughts: For the most part the game is the just the way I remember it on the PS3. All the DLC is included this time around so need to download any additional content. The only problems I had with the game is the driving mechanics, the shooting mechanics, and the gps. For the driving it can be a bit hard to turn and the way the drive I can totally tell cars from that time period aren’t very fast. So I’m sure there is a reason behind it. The shooting mechanics I thought could’ve been a little bit better in terms of the aiming. Sometimes you gotta be quick with the shooting or you’ll get shot down yourself. If you play I’m sure it will happen to you more than once. And as for the GPS it is a pain to get from point A to B. It’s not like other games where it will tell you where to turn. You got to just follow the flag until you see where you are going on your little radar. I’m familiar with the street names being from L.A. and all but it could guide us right where we need to go. I know it’s the 1940s but it is a video game. Despite the cons it doesn’t take away from the fact that this game is incredible and you’ll be in for hours of fun if you give it a chance. But I understand it isn’t for everyone.

My Score: I give this game an 8/10.

Video Gameplay Footage: Here is footage I made with this YouTube video. My voice is a little low because the volume on my mic was low. You can’t hear my commentary very well but the talking and everything is just fine. Enjoy!

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