Are Amazon Fire Tablets Good Budget Tablets?

amazon fire tablet

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Now I know with evolution of smartphones out there one can make an argument ‘is a tablet really necessary?’. Me personally I didn’t really care for them too much. But then I got a little curious. And one of the things I always kept hearing about is Amazon Fire Tablets. I recently picked one up and I will say they have come a long way. But if you add the right stuff to it you are definitely getting bang for your buck with this device.

So they come in three different sizes. There is the 7, the HD 8 and the HD 10. I’ll leave a link to Amazon’s page of Fire Tablets at the end of this post where you can check out all the specs on them. You can either get the 7 or the HD 8 in 16GB or 32GB. As for the HD 10 you can get that in either 32GB or 64GB. There are also kid editions available for each of them. Me personally I have the HD 8 with 16GB. But they all have micro sd card slots. I personally have a 256GB micro sd card in mine. If you have a 7 or HD 8 and want to use more than 32GB then I would recommend getting a micro sd card for the device.

Now you can easily mod these devices. The Fire OS is an Android based operating system. And Android gives you a lot of freedom in terms of what you want to do with your device. One reason I feel a lot of people back off these devices is because the appstore Amazon wants you to use is garbage. But you can easily add the Google Play Store. If you add that to your device you can do a lot more with it. One of those things is watching YouTube. The stock YouTube player on the Fire Tablet isn’t the greatest. But if you have a Google account you can be watching YouTube videos on the YouTube app in no time.

This tablet is also good for gaming as well. Android gaming and of course emulation. You can easily grab games if you download the Google Play Store. You can get games such as PUBG, and Asphalt Nitro working on the thing. As for emulation it can definitely do up to the PS1. I think the N64 would be pushing the limits but if you have the Fire HD 10 you might have an easier time with it. It’s hit or miss in my opinion.

So with there being three different sizes it means three different prices. The 7 right now starts at $49.99, the HD 8 $79.99 and HD 10 $149.99. The kids editions are a bit more because of the case that it comes with. I currently have an HD 8 and for $80 I would recommend it. The 7 for $50 is a nice price but what made me back off of that one was the 1GB of RAM. And for the HD 10 the price is alright but I also hear there are tablets out there for that price that can do just as good at that one. But one of the things I’ve learned about these tablets is that they are always going on sale. So if you want to get them a little cheaper than their usual price just wait for them to go on sale. There will definitely be another before the end of the year.

So my personal experience with a HD 8 has been good for the most part. I had trouble getting the Google Play Store up and running but I learned that it needs to be running from the internal storage and not the external storage (or sd card). It’s running great now and there are plenty of tutorials on how to get it up and running. Here’s a link to a guide I used for my HD 8.

So I gotta ask? Do you use a tablet? Which kind do you use? Is it an Amazon Fire Tablet? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks! More great content is coming.

Amazon Fire Tablets

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