Google Stadia: Reaction and Thoughts

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Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! So has the future of gaming arrived? The Google Stadia was shown off earlier this week at the GDC 2019 and to the looks of it is a game changer. I discussed this earlier this week on The Game N’ Watch Podcast with Fines. If you want to listen to that episode click here. But as much as it looks incredible I have a whole ton of questions. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it below:

I was blown away by what I saw. Google isn’t playing and they want to make a big impact in the gaming industry. I think this is very good and it gives consumers options. Many people thought that Google would be showing off hardware but they showed off a streaming service instead. And it looks like you can stream game on devices you probably already own. From cell phones, to laptops, to tablets and smart TV’s I’m sure if you are reading this you own probably at least one of these. They showed off a nice controller and it looks pretty legit. But I do have questions.

First question is your internet connection going to matter? I find it hard to believe that regardless of your internet connection you’ll be able to get up to high speeds and latency lags streaming these games. I’m curious to see if it will work on a SLOW connection.

Second is how will voice chat work? I’m sure Google has something up their sleeve but I feel more should’ve been presented to us at the presentation. Will they have their own chat service? Will you have to use a cell phone app? Will you have to use Discord? This is something that gamers will want to know. They are going to have to tell us soon what is happening with that.

And my third question that will be my last for this blog post is where are the games? We know that exclusive games are under development. But where are they? We know Ubisoft is going to be developing games for Google but where are they? That is the most important thing I feel not just for them but anyone trying to get into the gaming industry. The games. What games are you bringing to the table that are going to be awesome that isn’t going to mimic Microsoft’s, Nintendo’s or Sony’s first party IP’s? If they are just going with straight 3rd party games that you can play on any of those other consoles that won’t be good. Even if you can just “stream” them.

Now I do like the fact that the consumer has options with what Google is bringing to the table. If you want to play games without any physical media or hardware (with the exception of your controller) then this thing is for you. If you don’t care about owning your games then this thing is for you. And if this thing is for you that’s ok. But after thinking about it for sometime this won’t be the end of owning your games. If they start this service and then a few years they end the service that won’t be good? You can never play those games again. And we’ve seen situations where this has happened. At the end of the day I like the idea owning my games usually from a physical standpoint whenever possible. I think for the more traditional gamer it will be a hard sale for Google. At the end of the day I just need to see more though. It looks to good to be true. All I know is that if they plan on putting this thing out later this year they need to tell us more very SOON!

Anyway those are just my thoughts. I want to read what you guys think. Leave me comments below and I’ll comment back. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. More great content is coming. Thanks for supporting your boy!

6 thoughts on “Google Stadia: Reaction and Thoughts

  1. I’m very interested in this too. I actually talked about this on episode 2 of my podcast and I have the same questions that you do on it. Will we need top tier internet speeds to enjoy this thing? I liked what I saw, but I thought the press conference was weak because they didn’t really tell us anything. They just made promises and talked about teraflops and crap lol.

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  2. I’ve got no interest in this service myself, but it looks interesting more generally as far as what its impact on gaming will be. I guess it was only a matter of time before Google shoved into the game industry.

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