8Bitdo GBros. Wireless Adapter


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTAL4UFOOL! With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out early next month 8Bitdo has got you. This company just keeps killing it with their products. The product they got coming is called the GBros. Wireless Adapter and this thing is sweet. It is an adapter that is compatible with your GameCube Controllers, NES Classic Controllers, SNES Classic Controllers, and Wii Classic Controllers. It is kind of similar to the shape of the Wiimote. I’m sure a lot of you will utilize this product to play SSBU but you can use it for other games as well.

So not only is this thing compatible with the Nintendo Switch but it is also compatible with your Windows PC as well. So if you are big into emulation like myself and got NES or SNES Roms you would like to play and want to play them the way they were meant to be played (controller wise) there you go. You can also use these classic controllers on the Switch. With NES games now playable now on the Switch this would be perfect especially if you have an NES Classic Edition laying around. They do sell those controllers separately so if you don’t have an NES Classic you can get that controller for about $10 and add this for another $20. There you go. Play NES games the way they were meant to be played. Awesome right? Just plug it in and there you go.

I find 8Bitdo just so incredible. If you haven’t checked them out yet I highly advise you do. They got so much stuff over at their website for your current gaming, and retro gaming needs. They are even putting out a Genesis Controller with the Analogue’s Mega Sg that is coming out early next year. If you were a fan of the 6 button layout controller you’ll love that one. I’m telling you. I stand by 8Bitdo products and I wouldn’t recommend anything to you guys I think is crap.

Now there’s only one way to play SSBU and that’s with a GameCube Controller. I got mine ready along with a wired adapter to plug into my Switch. But I think I’m going to give this gadget a try as well. Not just with my GameCube Controller but my NES Classic and SNES Classic Controllers as well. I want to test it not only the Switch but my Windows PC as well. I really like the feel of the NES Controller and the SNES Controller is always a good controller to use as well. I’m excited. I’ll do an unboxing for you guys.

So are you interested in picking one these up? An affiliate link will be at the bottom of this post if you are. Are any of you guys going to try any of 8Bitdo’s other products? Do you have any 8Bitdo products? I would like to know. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time! Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. Please come back soon for some more great entertaining content.

8Bitdo Gbros. Wireless Adapter for Nintendo Switch (Works with Wired GameCube & Classic Edition Controllers) – Nintendo Switch

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