Physical Media vs. Digital Media!


What’s happening folks. Been out of site for almost a week. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! I was out of town this past weekend and I would’ve had something ready for you guys yesterday but decided just to kick back and relax. One thing I’ve learned about blogging is you don’t want to over do it. As a content creator burn out is real. Whether you are running a YouTube Channel, Twitch Channel, or a something as simple as a blog you can feel the burn out. One thing I do want to utilize more is my Twitter so if you ain’t following me on Twitter do yourself a favor and follow your boy. Today I want to discus the evolution in digital media and if it will eventually drive physical media away forever.

Let’s start with music. Years ago we saw the rise of digital music with music download sites such as Napster, Kaazaa, and Limewire just to name a few. What these sites allowed users to do was download songs as MP3 files and put them on blank re-writable CDs or MP3 players. And I feel this was great. Going to stores such as Tower Records or Blockbuster Music back in the day to buy an Full Length Album at $18.99 was quite expensive back then. Especially if you only like one or two tracks on the entire CD. That’s a rip off. So that slowly evolved and then you had the rise in iTunes where you could pretty much buy any CD at a much lower price or even the individual track at $.99 usually. Now you have streaming services where you pay a fee a month (or free in some cases) and listen to anything you ever wanted. Years ago as a kid I never imagined this technology ever happening. And now I wonder why when you buy a new car there is still a CD player in it.

Now let’s go to movies. You could also download movies depending upon what sites you go to. But being able to have your movies digitally and legally is pretty cool as well. However the one thing with movies is they take up way more space than music. You can rip movies if you have the right software to do it but that can be time consuming and is it really worth it in the end. I feel the real game changer with movies is streaming. With apps such as Netflix, and VUDU as long as you have a high speed internet connection you can watch any movie you ever wanted. Some you may have to pay a little more than others but any Blu-Ray and DVD combo you buy in stores more than likely has a code that can make that movie digital. It kind of makes me wonder is it even worth selling the physical copy.

And that brings me to the third form of media I want to talk about. Video games! Yes! Video games have slowly but surely been going away from the physical to the digital. And I can see why a person would want to have a game digitally. One less trip to the store. You can download the game in the privacy of your own home. And you don’t have one more thing sitting on your shelf. Kind of the same thing with music and movies. One less PHYSICAL item you have taking up space. And with the rise of ROMs and ISOs for classic consoles it’s getting more bigger than ever I feel.

Now for me I stream my music. Sometimes I’ll buy a movie but just end up using the digital code and transferring it to VUDU, but when it comes to video games physical copies are always my first choice. I’ll do digital if I can save money and of course for indie titles but when I buy a double-A or triple-A game I want the physical copy. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s just the old school in me. But I feel there are some games out there that you should just go ahead and buy a physical copy. One example right would be Octopath Traveler. I could own that game in a matter of 10 minutes right now without leaving my home. But a game that has such a nostalgia feel I mean would you really want to download it just for convenience or own a physical copy to collect and look back on later or just trade it in and get something else.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and 100% digital I feel is the future. I don’t think the whole world (or even country in some parts) are ready for it just yet but eventually they will be. But at the same time I feel that it is incredible. I have gone from rewinding video tapes, and cassettes to playing music on my cell phone and watching a digital copy of a movie on my smart TV. Yes I’m an 80’s baby! And now with video games we’ve gone from blowing into the cartridge to just popping in a blu-ray disc (or game card in some cases) into my console of choice and just start playing.

Now I really want you all to think about this. From more than just a video game stand point. What are your thoughts on the future of physical media? What are your thoughts on the current state digital media? However you feel leave me comments with your thoughts. They are always appreciated. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks! Play on playaz!


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