Interview #6: Melissa from Project TrailMix

melissa projecttrailmix

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Five interviews in! I feel like an expert! LOL! I got another interview for you guys today. This will be the second person I’ve interviewed that is not in the niche of gaming or technology. She runs a hiking blog so if you love to hike and be outdoors you should definitely check this blogger out. Links to her website and Instagram will be at the end of this post. My guest today is Melissa from Project TrailMix. Hope you all enjoy and please do leave feedback in the comments below.

2TALL: So let’s talk about your passion for hiking. How long have you been hiking and when did you develop an interest for it?

Melissa: Well I have been hiking for about 11 years. Meaning I actually planned a trip in order to go hiking. My interest in the outdoors and walking around exploring has been developing since I was around 10 years old. My family has always has large properties and I would get bored and just go walking around all over the place. My Uncle is a big outdoors man and taught me a lot of outdoor safety so I felt good by myself.

2TALL: When you go hiking are there any particular spots you like to go to?

M: Well currently I have been loving trails around Mount Tamalpais. It has a wide range of landscapes and is only about 45 minutes away from me.

2TALL: Any hiking trail you would like to conquer some day?

M: Omg!😍 I don’t know a specific trail there but I would LOVE to hike around Machu Picchu or Patagonia.

2TALL: Do you hike with anyone in particular or do you go it alone?

M: These days I never go by myself…. I usually take my friend Maribel. But more girls I know and my sister in law have asked to go with me so it’s growing into a group activity. Which I think is amazing!!

2TALL: Hiking with people seems a lot more fun than going alone. I was on the about me section of your blog and I saw you showing off your kicks. What kind of shoes would you recommend while hiking?

M: I love my Nike Frees and Asics road running shoes. I have gone hiking in all of them but honestly I recommend the Keen Terradora Mid hiking boots. I am going to be posting a review about them soon! Generally, you should look for a good supportive shoe, some people need more ankle support while others need more in the arch support area. I need ankle support. But no matter what you look for good gripping soles.

2TALL: Project TrailMix is a unique name (kind of like mine). How did you come up with that title for your blog?

M: I was on a hike, taking a snack break and I had been thinking of starting my blog and what to call it. I had only imagined that I would be blogging for 1 year and that made me think it was more like a Project. Then Maribel asked me if I wanted any Trail Mix…and there it was! The light bulb came on!

2TALL: Ha ha! Funny story! What made you want to start blogging about your hiking experiences?

M: I have always loved to write. So blogging seemed like an easy way to have your stories published on a small scale you know? But I thought who really cares about my day to day life, so what do I do that is interesting lol? Hiking and throw into the mix some really awesome pictures!

2TALL: The scenery in the photos you take look very lovely. What can readers look forward to when they visit your blog?

Readers can look forward to finding some good day hiking trails, tips for hiking that particular trail and why or why not you should go, shoe reviews, and great photo inspiration. I am working to add in more wellness related topics.

2TALL: Sounds good! Since you’ve been blogging what is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

M: The most important lesson I have learned is that consistency is key! You have to keep traction even if its slow going just keep going.

2TALL: Yeah one thing about blogging is you gotta stay consistent. What kind of other blogs do you like to read that’s in your niche or not in your niche?

M: I like to read a few that are in my niche and a few that are about daily life.

2TALL: So I remember you telling me you have two sons who are into video games. What consoles do they have and would you happen to know what kind of games they have or are into?

M: Yes I do have two sons, one is 18 and the other is 16, that is one way they bond is to play together. They have Playstation, Xbox One. Right now they are constantly playing Fortnite and Forza. They have always loved racing games and baseball and basketball games. Like every year we would get them the new one for Christmas. More recently, its been less sports and more combat.

2TALL: Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm. Growing up did you play video games? If so what were favorite games growing up? Do you still play today if you did?

M: I remember for my 10th birthday I had the chicken pox and I was given the original Nintendo. I played for hours and hours and even my dad and babysitters wanted to play. I loved the duck hunting game, but any of the Super Mario Bros games were my favorite. A few years ago when the Wii console came out, we bought one for the family to play together. We mostly did Wii Sports challenges. It was fun!

2TALL: Sorry that you had the chicken pox on your 10th birthday. I had that and it was horrible. Hopefully you playing the NES made you feel better. Ok time to shake things up a little. Favorite music?

M: Alternative

2TALL: Reebok or Nike?

M: Nike

2TALL: Sneakers or sandals?

M: that really depends on the outfit…

2TALL: LOL Really! Android or Apple?

M: Apple

2TALL: Dream vacation?

M: I would love to visit the UK. I have always wanted to go to London and the English countryside. I love history and those places hold so much. The monarchy is fascinating to me.

2TALL: Visiting the UK is on my bucket list. Favorite color?

M: Teal or Purple

2TALL: Favorite dessert?

M: Anything with Chocolate or Strawberries

2TALL: Hot weather or cold weather?

M: Cold

2TALL: Favorite movie?

M: Clueless, its so funny and takes you out of a bad mood fast. Plus I can relate to the 90’s.

2TALL: Well if you were a 90’s kid you sure can. Sony or Nintendo?

M: Nintendo

2TALL: Mario or Sonic?

M: Mario

2TALL: Guilty Pleasure?

M: Not sure that I have anything I am guilty about… but I guess I would say Historical Novels. Lol!

2TALL: Anything you would like to ask me or share with the readers before I conclude this interview?

M: So my question to you is: Do you ever go hiking? Why or why not?
To your readers: I know most are hard core gamers but I would encourage them to at least once a week get outside and enjoy the sunshine! No technology. You will reap the benefits, I promise. People in general, me included, are just going at a fast pace constantly or you are in your own world and don’t even notice what’s going on around you. I can just go outside my door, sit in the shade of a tree and close my eyes and just take some deep breaths and you are just relieved 😌 -without stress. Of course you may want to try hiking too in that case head over to my blog or email me any questions!! I’d be happy to help!

2TALL: Good question. I’ve been hiking but I haven’t been hiking in a long while. I do walk occasionally around the neighborhood but hiking is something I’ll look into. Sounds like a great activity I can do with my wife. But right now I just got to wait for the weather to cool down a bit. It’s been hot where I live in Southern California.

A special thank you to Melissa for doing the interview. Definitely go check her blog and her Instagram when you get a chance. And tell her your boy 2TALL sent you. Just to add to a little bit of what she said in her final answer definitely try to get out doors once a week and be active. Technology is a good thing but it can also be our worst enemy at times I feel. Just don’t be glued to your computer, console, TV, or even cell phone try to enjoy the great outdoors whenever you can. Until next time! Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks! Play on playaz!


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