Hacking your Nintendo Switch! Is it worth it?

homebrew launcher

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! So if you search the internet right now there are a ton of video tutorials out there on how to hack your Nintendo Switch. If you install the Homebrew Launcher app you can jail break your Nintendo Switch and have it running with emulators such as Lakka. As I type this blog up right now if you put Lakka on your Nintendo Switch you can only play it handheld mode and there is no sound. So it is still in it’s experimental stages. Sounds like it’s not very stable to me. But that’s where I come in and just have to ask why would you want to hack your Switch to begin with? I can understand once Nintendo moves on to the next console generation, but right now since it’s the current console for Nintendo should we really be hacking this thing? Is it worth it? I personally don’t think you should and I’m going to explain why.

One reason is the risk of having the Switch banned from online services. Now I am unsure if it is account based or even serial number based but my best bet would be probably both. Which means if you plan on selling it later on down the line it will be pretty much useless unless you enjoy offline gameplay. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But with Nintendo’s Online Service a few months away I would just wait and see what it’s going to have before completely riding it off and saying “I’m going to hack this thing”. I know we as fans have been waiting long enough for the Nintendo Online Service and feel it shouldn’t have taken this long but it’s coming just wait and see what it has to offer before risking getting banned all together the online service. Well it’ll probably cost another $300 and a new Nintendo account to use it. If you have that kind of money go on ahead.

Another thing you should really ask yourself. Why am I hacking my Switch? To play some retro games? There are other alternatives out there for retro gaming. Ok I’m sorry that the Switch doesn’t have backwards compatibility and but a lot of the better titles for the Wii U have been ported or are going to be ported at some point in time. Wii or GameCube titles? Just wait for the online service. Anything older than that. I feel like you are wasting your time. Especially if you want NES, SNES, or Genesis titles you can easily do that for a cheaper price. Now I know not every emulator machine you can take on the go with you. But if you do your research you can see that the GPD XD is a nice emulation handheld device that can emulate a lot of systems. I’ll have an affiliate link at the end of this post. Another alternative is just invest in a cheap Android phone, install some emulators on it, and purchase a 3rd party controller that is compatible with Android. It may not look as great but hey it gets the job done. But with everything in retro gaming that is out right now if you are looking to play older titles hacking the Switch I feel it is a bit silly and you should just invest in a plug and play. Even the NES and SNES Classics are easier to get now with Nintendo making more of them.

The final reason why you shouldn’t hack your Switch is because it’s current generation hardware. I’m all for hacking a console once the life cycle of that console is over. Just like I feel it is wrong to emulate current games, I feel it is also wrong to to emulate on current gen hardware. Anything previous generation and older I feel is all fair gain. So if you really want to hack the Nintendo Switch just wait for the life cycle to end and Nintendo has gone on to their latest and greatest console. If you don’t want to take my advice then proceed at your own risk. If you get banned….. don’t say 2TALL didn’t warn you. At the end of the day it just isn’t worth it.

Anyway you read my thoughts on hacking the Nintendo Switch now I want to hear yours. Have you hacked your Nintendo Switch? Do you want to hack your Nintendo Switch? Do you think it’s right to hack your Switch? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time! Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. Game on gamers!

GPD XD Plus 5 Inch 4 GB/32 GB MTK 8176 Hexa-core Handheld Game Console gameplayer Laptop (Black)

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