Retro Game Review: Beethoven – The Ultimate Canine Caper!


Players: 1

Co-op: No

Genre: Platformer

Release Date: 12/01/1993

ESRB Rating: E

Developer: Riedel Software Productions

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions

Platform Reviewed On: Nvidia Shield Android TV (Retroarch core: SNES9x_2010)

Additional Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Initial Thoughts: Growing up as a 90’s kid just about every movie, cartoon show, or anything advertised to kids it seems like there was a video game behind it. Some of those video games were excellent, some were average, and some you probably just want to leave in that decade. This is one of these games you would just want to leave in the 90’s unfortunately. Let me say that Beethoven back in 90’s was huge. The first two movies were very popular and with that success came merchandise, toys, and even a video game. Let me say that if you have kids and if you are looking for a funny family movie to watch with them the first two Beethoven movies are a sure bet. Especially if they love dogs. They have made movies within this franchise as recent as 2014. Now how did I come across this game? I rented it from my local Blockbuster as a kid. It was 93 or 94 (don’t quite remember the year), and I probably rented because it was guaranteed to be on the shelves on a Friday or Saturday Night. Just being honest!

Description: This game is a simple platformer video game. The game is based on the 2nd movie where Beethoven meets Missy and they have puppies together. The puppies names (if you don’t remember) are Tchaikovsky, Chubby, Dolly, and Mo. You play as Beethoven and your objective is to get to the end of the level facing a bunch of obstacles along the way and find your puppy. After you get the puppy you go through more obstacles in the next level to get them to Missy who is waiting at the end of that level. Some of the obstacles you encounter are cats, kids on skateboards, mail men, and other dogs. He doesn’t have super powers or anything crazy like that but if you bark at your enemies they’ll easily run off. Another way to chase off your enemies is if he gets wet and when he shakes the water off himself his enemies will vanish. The difficulty of the game isn’t too hard but you can easily get hit which will make you lose power. Lose too much then you got to start all over. Just like any other platformer made during that time. I never beat it personally but it’s definitely not the kind of game to focus that much energy into. The game isn’t that long as there are only eight levels. One level to find the puppy. The other to get them to their mother. So if you multiply that by four…. well you can do the math.

Music: Beethoven was named after the great musician Ludwig van Beethoven. If you like his music you’ll probably like the soundtrack to this game. If you are interested in listening here is a link to where you can listen.

Final Thoughts: I wouldn’t really recommend this game to anyone to play today. Unless you have kids who really love dogs (St. Bernards preferably). If you do insist on playing the game just download the rom and run it on your emulator of choice. In terms of buying a physical copy I wouldn’t spend anymore than $5 on the game. Maybe a little bit more if it has never been opened. If you are a collector and want this game in your collection really try to get this game for the lowest price possible.

My Score: 6/10. Maybe in the 90’s I would’ve given it 7. It wasn’t an excellent game back then and the replay value of this game in my opinion has really plummeted. I played it recently for nostalgia purposes. If you really want to play this game please don’t pay a dime for it.

Video Gameplay Footage: I made a video on this game a while back. Enjoy watching folks.

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