Are you ready for December 7th, 2018?

wii u gamecube adapter

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! I have a question for all of you guys. Are you ready for December 7th, 2018? What happens that day. If you Google it and click the news section you’ll see that it is the day that the game most talked about at E3 comes out. That is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I know I’ve been talking about this game a lot lately but that leads me into my next question. How are you going to play? With the Joy Cons, the Switch Pro Controller, 8Bitdo or another 3rd party controller, or a Nintendo GameCube Controller? If you chose the last one that’s how I’m sure the vast majority of people are going to play. I would start getting ready as soon as possible. That’s what I did.

Now if you had a Wii U you may be familiar with the Wii U GameCube Adapter. It’s an adapter that you plug into your console with the USB connectors provided and it has up to four ports you can use to plug GameCube controllers into. You can also use for PC as well on the Dolphin Emulator which emulates GameCube games. If you want to use a GameCube controller on the Nintendo Switch for this game then that’s what you will need (besides the controller itself). The Switch since the 4.0 update has added firmware that let’s you use these adapters. And it works. And guess what? It can be 3rd party ones too. Both the adapter and the controllers. For the controllers I purchased a bundle of four off of eBay. Four different colors including black, grey, white, and purple. It only ran me about $15 (a little more with shipping) but I believe it was the fairest price out there. And you got four controllers. Can’t complain about that. The Wii U GameCube Adapter on the other hand was a bit tricky. Of course they don’t sell it in stores but I was able to find one used at GameStop a significant distance from my home. I went there bought the thing and I waited for the controllers to arrive which was a few days. Once the controllers came and tested one out it didn’t work. I think it was a cheapy one because it only had 2 ports. It was probably defective so thank god for Amazon. I found one on there that had four ports and an extra usb for rumble. Came the next day after they ordered it. I’ll post some links to what I bought at the end of this post.

Now if you had a Wii U you may already had one to play the previous Super Smash Bros. game on Wii U. If you didn’t you have a little bit of work to do. Here are my recommendations. If it is controllers you are looking for you can find them pretty easily. I would just go with 3rd party controller but Amazon (and other retailers I’m sure) is having a presale on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition Controller for Nintendo GameCube which is going at $29.99 right now. I would go cheaper if I were you. GameCube controllers all look and feel the same in my opinion. There is also a presale going on right now for the GameCube Controller Adapter. I don’t want to worry about getting that stuff in addition to the game itself when it comes out. The products Nintendo has coming out won’t be until after the game drops. So you may have to wait a little while longer.

When I returned the defective one I had to GameStop the cashier was telling me he been wanting to find one of these. Apparently according to him these things are going to be like gold in the upcoming months that’s why it is best to prepare early my friends. Now using 3rd party products doesn’t bother me really especially since the GameCube was like a couple of generations ago now. But I know some people are going to want to be fancy and just have Nintendo’s name on everything they own. But how are you going to play? Do you plan on using a GameCube Controller to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let me know in the comments below. I will leave links to what I bought and the items available for pre-order. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Thanks for reading folks. Send me your friend code also if you plan on playing this game. You can lose to yours truly! LOL!

Here’s what is available for pre-order:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – GameCube Controller

GameCube Controller Adapter

Here’s what I own:

Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter,YTEAM GameCube NGC Controller Adapter for Wii U,Nintendo Switch and PC USB.Easy to Plug and No Driver Need.4 Port Black GameCube Adapter(Updated Version)


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