Why do your hands get cold when you play video games? A short term guide to get relief

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Today’s post is a guest post from blogger and freelance writer Jennifer Branett. She comes with us today. With an article about “Why your hands get hold while playing video games“. I found it pretty interesting and I’ll give you my thoughts after you read through it. Check it out! 

Nowadays one of the often asked questions is “why do your hands get cold when you play video games”? According to the sources and various surveys, 70%-75% of the people deal with the cold hands while gaming in the recent times. As per the clinical reports, the people playing video games for a long period mainly suffer from this. However, the alteration of the temperature of your hand doesn’t mean that you are suffering from a critical medical disorder rather it is essential for the gamers to know that this effect is normal. The cold hands while gaming may be the result of some medical diagnoses i.e.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Scleroderma
  • Lupus Erythematosus
  • Buerger’s disorder
  • Raynaud’s syndrome

hands controller.png

Though many people tackles the cold hand issues while gaming due to the above-mentioned medical conditions, it has not been proven that these are the major and primary causes of the change in your palm temperature while gaming. however, if you observe the symptoms i.e., excessive tingling on your palm and a long lasting cold that even sustains after the conclusion of your gaming then it is advisable to approach a doctor.

So if you are looking out for the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this issue then read the below-mentioned guide

Why do your hands get cold when you play video games?

In most of the cases, the cooling effects in the hand while gaming is nothing but a natural response to the cold to transmit and enable blood circulation rapidly to internal body parts. But there can also be other reasons for the same. Some of the major causes of cold hands of the gamers are listed below

  • Smoking – apart from causing heart diseases, pneumonia, and bad immune functioning, smoking also has an adverse effect on the blood vessels of a human body. In the name of smoking, the people inhales Carbon monoxide that ruins the internal layers of the blood vessels that further enables plague and fat to get fixed to the walls. Nicotine then contracts the blood vessels of a human that result in improper blood circulation throughout our body. This causes long-term effect of cold hands that last even after concluding the video games.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – sedentary lifestyle i.e., lack of physical activities and exercises in your daily schedule can turn out to be the major cause of the poor blood circulation throughout our body. Our body comprises skeletal as well as vascular muscles that are responsible to carry blood from heart to the micro vessels of our hands. The regular exercises and outdoor activities lead to the proper circulation of blood from both of these channels and thus, keep the temperature of the person normal. on the other hand, the people that live sedentary live and play video games for a long period may often suffer from this disorder as it affects their local tissues i.e., fingers.
  • Repeated stress – if you prefer playing video games for the entire day without providing your mind and internal organs with rest then the tingling effects in your palm and cold hands are the common issues you might face. This is because handheld emulator console you held in your palms lead to the development of pressure in the nerves of your body. This pressure mainly causes the alteration in the blood circulation and thus, cools your hand while gaming.

How to get relief from cold hands while playing video games?

Generally, the cold hands while gaming is not a big issue unless it is caused due to certain medical disorders. Here are some remedies to treat the same with an ease.

  1. Opt for physical activities – in order to undo stress from your hands, proper exercise with physical activities such as running, participating in outdoor sports, climbing, yoga, and etc is highly recommended. These exercises ensure the proper blood circulation in your body that avoids the unwanted alteration of microcirculation.
  2. Get rest – never play video games for a long period as it is termed to be the root cause affecting your mental and physical health. Apart from turning the temperature of your hands cold, the continuous involvement in such games leads to generate stress, headaches, fatigue, and much more. If you desire to get rid of cold hands while gaming then avoid putting long lasting stress on your wrist.
  3. Stop smoking – although it is troublesome to abandon smoking in one day, the same plays a major role in altering your body temperature. Therefore, it is must to avoid smoking in order to get relief from cold hands while gaming.


Cold hands are though termed to be a normal response to cold; the same depicts improper blood circulation in your body. This can be easily treated by taking regular exercises and limiting the time of playing hours. However, if you still observe the same then it is advisable to prefer dietary changes i.e., start consuming the food that enhance blood circulation such as orange and other such citrus fruits.

A lot of good informational facts in the this article by Jennifer. Thanks again to her for providing this article to the site. If you want to see more of her work here’s how you can do so by clicking on the following links.



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