Video Game Trends and Stats

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Today is a guest post from Chloe over at Filmora. In this article she discusses some of the different stats and trends going on in the world of video games. After reading it for myself I’m still amazed at how far video games has come since its early beginnings. E-Sports is getting more and more popular worldwide and people need to take notice.

Here’s a link to the article discussing the stats and trends:

Well enough from me take it away Chloe.

Gaming has proven itself to be a mainstay of modern popular culture. Once the preserve of bespectacled teen boys in dark bedrooms, today’s gamers are far more diverse bunch. From the mum playing Candy Crush at the school gates to the pensioner strategically stalking their enemies on Halo, gaming has reached to all corners of society, and of the planet.
The rapid development of smartphone technology and the wider appeal of PC and console based games has encouraged a broad section of the population to participate in gaming of some form or another. Once a male dominated pastime, today almost half of all gamers are women, proving a cross gender appeal too.
Gaming is a big business, and one industry which is showing healthy growth over time. This year alone, the world will spend an estimated $115.8bn on games, with the market predicted to grow at around 6.2 per cent over the coming years. A good deal of this revenue comes from console and PC game purchases, but a massive $52.7bn is predicted to come from the mobile market this year.
Did you know that the leading games developer generated more than $12bn last year? That’s almost double their nearest competitor, and has seen Tencent tipped to be one of, if not THE, biggest business in the world by 2025. Most of that cash is being spent in the Asia Pacific region, although at $25bn, the US is putting in a very good show too.
It’s not all about the guys either, as women are proving themselves to be just as addicted to their games as anyone else. Why not a look at the infographic created by Filmora for more surprising game statistics from 2017 and see how much you really know about gaming.

About Filmora: Filmora is a very easy-to-use while powerful video editing software, it not only allows you to do some basic video editings like cutting, rotating, reversing, splitting, etc, but also helps you do advanced editings like chroma keying, color grading, audio mixing, etc. with ease. What’s more, it offers 300+ video effects specially for gamers, movie makers, beauty, educators, travalers, etc. For those who like sharing their gaming experieces on social media, Filmora is a great choice to apply sound and visual effects.

You should definitely check this information out. E-sports is no joke and I feel within in the next ten years you will be seeing more and more of it around. Universities in the US have scholarships now for this kind of thing. Who would’ve ever thought. Let us know what you guys think of this in the comments below. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. Come back again soon!

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