Top 10 Nintendo NES Games You’ve Never Played but Should Play Immediately [Guest Post]

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By: Rebecca Geizura

For every console that exists, there are games that shine through such as Super Mario Bros or The Legend of Zelda. However, there are also certain that should deserve more respect and get overlooked. Some of these undiscovered games are better left uncovered, but some of these games are very enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the Nintendo NES games that fell off the radar but need to be played immediately.

10. The Adventures of Lolo

adventures of lolo


The Adventures of Lolo has delightful little game challenges you solve in a series of castle rooms. You control Lolo, a loveable little blue ball with arms, legs, and big eyes. Lolo cannot jump, fly, or even run fast, but he is very intelligent. Intelligence is an important trait when playing a puzzle game. Each room is laid out differently, but they all have Heart Framers. Lolo has to collect all the hearts to make the room’s treasure chest open. Some of the enemies attack with projectiles that make collecting difficult. Although this game has two 8-bit sequels, it has been forgotten over the years. It could possibly become a great handheld game for the Nintendo 3DS.

9. Crystaliscrystalis


SNK created this action RPG classic, and it basically takes everything from the original Legend of Zelda for the NES and makes it remarkably better. Crystalis was “ahead of its time both in terms of the narrative depth and gameplay innovation”( Crystalis Review by urobolusrings). Crystalis revolves around a hero wandering through the world in search of scattered items. The task is to locate the four swords that are wielding in the four elements: wind, each, fire, and water. You can acquire items that increase the power of the four swords along the way. There is a remake for the Gameboy Color, but nothing will compare to the original astounding RPG for the Nintendo NES.

8. Super Dodgeball

super dodgeball


Super Dodgeball may not be the first sports game you imagine when you think about the Nintendo NES. The developer, Technos Japan, released games such as River City Ransom and the Double Dragon series for the Nintendo NES. In the game, you control a team of six characters. Three of your men are in play on your side of the field, and the others are on the opponent’s side patrolling the out-of-bounds area. The goal of the game is to throw dodgeballs as fast as you can straight at the opposing team’s faces. Once a character takes too many hits, they turn into an angel and float up the screen. Since the more recent releases of Super Dodgeball Advance for the Gameboy Advance and Super Dodge Ball Brawlers for the Nintendo DS, it’s worth your while to experience original version for the Nintendo NES. It’s comically violent and addictive.

7. North and South

north and south


Players can either take control of the northern Union armies or the southern Confederate rebels in this Civil War simulation. You control three main weapons in the Civil War: cannons, soldiers, and cavalry. The game is set up similar to a board game. Your army can overtake railroad tracks and army bases. “If you had told me that an 8-bit civil war game would become one of my favorite two-player games, I would have thought you were drinking too much moonshine. But it’s true, North & South is one of the rare strategy games that is both accessible and immediately fun” (Cyril Lachel)

6. Heavy Barrel

Harvey Barel.png


At first glance, Heavy Barrel looks like any other shooter from the Nintendo NES such as Commando or Jakal. Heavy Barrel fixes all the mistakes that preview shooters have. You play as two soldiers who are killing everyone to rescue a few kidnapped Americans. The only way to rescue them is to assemble the Heavy Barrel. The Heavy Barrel is the ultimate weapon that can kill all of the terrorists. As you kill soldiers and blow up tanks, you will receive keys. The keys open chest scattered on the battlefield. The chest usually contains points, or weapons, but if you’re lucky, you will get a piece of the Heavy Barrel. Although the game may seem like other shooter games for Nintendo NES, it lets you explore the area and it all around a great game.

5. The Guardian Legend

guardian legend


You begin as a Starfighter traveling through an asteroid field and into the trenches of a alien space fortress. Oddly enough, once you destroy the first box, your Starfighter changes in a female android, named Alyssa, who travels through a huge labyrinth. The game switches between mazes and shooting stages. “This game is a must try for any NES owner and fan out there. If you want a new flavor of classic gaming, give GE a try” (Alizerothree).

4. 8-Eyes



Very similar to Castlevania, 8-Eyes is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring castle ruins. You control a character named Orin the Falconer and his bird. The goal is collect eight power jewels, called eyes, and return them to their rightful spots. Each time you collect one of the eight eyes, you get a new sword that builds you strength and power. The one aspect that makes this game stand out is the control of your falcon, Cutrus. A second player can control him, or you can play as one player and have a more limited control of him. Many fans, such as MarinersFan28, believe that a Wii U version of the game would be awesome. “How cool would a Wii U version be? when you released the falcon, you get “falcon view” with the Wii U game pad and you can spin it 360 for a full surrounding view and access special items/areas.”

3. Shatter Hand

shatter hand


Shatterhand was based on the Japanese superhero show Special Rescue Command Solbrain. You play as a character named Steve Hermann, who uses his cyborg hand to shatter his enemies during a worldwide robot uprising. The controls and stage design are exceptional, and there is a wide variety of robots you can acquire to help you. Shatterhand was released in 1991 and was sadly did not sell well because it was overshadowed by the Super Nintendo.

2. Uninvited



First released for the PC, Uninvited stats with your character awakening in a car crash searching for one of the other passengers. You enter the nearest house in search of the other passenger but find that the car crash was the least of your worries. The house is crawling with zombies and other scary creatures. One wrong move, and they will devour you. You use the controller like a computer mouse to learn the story of a sorcerer’s apprentice who killed his master and created a dark psycho world. This game requires patience and abstract thinking. Even though the game is only 8-bit, it will seriously scare you!


RGT 85 believes Nightshade is the most underrated Nintendo NES game. This obscure, seldom-played Nintendo NES game is no doubt the most underrated game. The game has a bizarre storyline which involves a super hero, wearing a trench coat and a fedora, who sets out to free a city from an Egyptian super villain. Nightshade is one of those games that was overshined by the Super Nintendo. The superhero grows from a nobody into a hero. As the hero defeats enemies, the popularity meter on the screen increases, and people begin to recognize and respect him. The dialogue is often heartwarming but also shows a sense of humor. This is one of the best games released for the Nintendo NES.

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