Interview #1: Rebecca Geizura. Owner of Game Over Box


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! I recently did an interview with Rebecca Geizura. She is the owner of Game Over Box. If you haven’t checked her site out definitely hit up when you get a chance. Enjoy the interview and let me know what you all think.

2TALL: Where did it all begin for you when it came to gaming?

Rebecca Geizura: I began gaming when my older cousins gave my sister and I their old Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo. The games they had were mostly Super Mario and Donkey Kong. My first handheld was the Gameboy Color.

2T: What do you like most about playing video games?

RG: I love the satisfaction of beating a really difficult level after hours or even days of trying to beat it. I also love how I can relax at the end of the day and escape playing video games.

2T: Any particular game or games you played growing up that you never got tired of playing?

RG: Animal Crossing for Gamecube was definitely the game I put the most hours into. My sister, best friend and I all had our own characters in the game and we would fight over who gets to play next. Although I do not have the original town I created, I still sometimes create new towns and play it today.

2T: What is your all-time favorite console?

RG: My favorite console by far is the Nintendo Gamecube. It was the first home console that was actually mine. My mom bought two Gamecubes for Christmas so my sister and I wouldn’t fight over who gets to play.

2T: What games would you recommend to a person who has never played video games before?

RG: I recommend starting with simple games such as Super Mario Bros or Mario Kart. Those are the type of games that are easy to play but hard to master. Anyone can catch on to the rules quickly, but they are difficult to master even if you’ve been playing them for years.

2T: If you could put a fictionalized version of yourself in a video game what genre would it be? What would the game be about?

RG: The game would be a 2D pixelated game that looked similar to the original Nintendo NES games. It would be similar to Pitfall from Activision and Super Mario Bros. It would be an adventure game. You have to collect keys to open new worlds. You have to use different characters to find different keys because each character has a special power. My special power would be invisibility so I pass through walls. Other characters would be able to jump higher or fly over water. Now, I’m getting too carried away with my video game idea.

2T: What do you think the future of gaming holds for us gamers?

RG: I think VR will become more popular. I think soon that VR will be able to sync to your friends so you can all be in the same haunted house or maze at the same time. There are so many multiplayer games for home consoles where every player has to work together on a team, and I think that kind of multiplayer will soon come to the VR.

2T: So where did you come up with the idea for Game Over Box?

RG: I wanted to purchase and Nintendo-themed subscription box and search all over the internet for one. I could not find one so I decided to start one myself!

2T: How long has it been around?

RG: The May 2018 box is the first box that will be shipped. Customers must subscribe by April 10 to get the box in the beginning of May.

2T: Did you ever blog prior to starting Game Over Box?

RG: I am currently a Multimedia major in college, so blogging is a big part of my major. I also used to blog for another company I own called 1-Up Games. With this company, I buy and sell retro video games.

2T: How are you enjoying blogging on your website so far?

RG: I do enjoy blogging. Nintendo is by far my favorite topic to write about, so I never run out of ideas!

2T: What can we expect to see from gameoverbox in the future? I hope to grow game over box and receive more subscribers.

RG: Once I hit a certain number of subscribers, I plan to add other options to the box to make it more customizable. I would ask what their favorite Nintendo character and game is so I can better personalize the box to each person.

2T: Do you have any advice for any bloggers or content creators starting out?

RG: My biggest advice for new bloggers and content creators is to blog about something you enjoy. If you enjoy writing about a topic, it will never be “work.” You will also never run out of ideas if it is something you enjoy.

2T: Let’s have some real fun now!

2T: Your favorite color?

RG: My favorite color is orange.

2T: Right handed or left handed?

RG: I am right-handed.

2T: Favorite TV show and movie?

RG: My favorite show is Rugrats. It’s on Hulu and I watch it with my friends. My favorite movie is Star Wars, and I am wearing a Star Wars shirt as I am typing this.

2T: I watched a lot of Rugrats growing up.

2T: Favorite number?

RG: My lucky number is 21.

2T: Favorite food?

RG: My favorite food is pizza. It has almost all the food groups.

2T: PC or Mac?

RG: I like both PC and Mac. I would probably choose PC.

2T: Sneakers or dress shoes?

RG: I prefer to wear my leather boots in the winter and sandals in the summer.

2T: Coke or Pepsi?

RG: I do not drink much pop (and yes I call it “pop” not “soda” because I am from Pittsburgh).

2T: Come on! You gotta like one or the other!

RG: Pepsi is better.  But it has to be Diet Pepsi.  My mom only ever drank Diet Pepsi and I got used to that taste more than regular Pepsi.

2T: Favorite candy?

RG: Reese’s’ Cups are my favorite candy.

2T: Great choice! One of my favroites! 

2T: Favorite Video game character?

RG: Luigi is my favorite character. He gets overshadowed by Mario a lot. I was always also player 2 because my sister always stole player 2. In the older games, Luigi was always player 2 so I like him better!

2T: My guess is you were very excited to play Mario Is Missing weren’t you?

RG: I’ve never played that game.  That was not one of the cartridges my cousins bought me.  Once I graduate in the summer I will have more time, and I will buy that game and play it.

2T: I hope you enjoy it! For me personally it wasn’t one of my favorite games for the SNES but it was Luigi’s first starring role. So it has that going for it. 

2T: Anything you want to say to the readers before I conclude the interview?

RG: Please check out Game Over Box.  You will love the stuff! It’s a new business, but with your help, it can grow and be amazing!

Special thanks once again to Rebecca for giving me the opportunity to interview her. If you want to be interviewed regardless of niche please feel free to reach out to me. Blogging live to you and yours it’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks and maybe you’ll be the next one to be interviewed by yours truly!

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