Ataribox/Atari VCS Update


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! There is an update on the Ataribox! You know the one that was to suppose start taking pre-orders in December and then all of sudden they just didn’t. Well there are some developments with the Ataribox  as they were at the GDC (Game Developers Conference) this week. I’m just going to say I’m not at all buying into this crap at all and you shouldn’t either. I’ll explain why.

So Ataribox has been renamed the Atari VCS. Wait a minute! Isn’t that the name it was called back in the day before being renamed the 2600 when the 5200 came out? Ok so they are really trying to sell people on nostalgia with this thing. They also say it will run video in 4K. We also know that it will come with two controllers. A retro joystick controller, and a modern controller. The color schemes for it look nice. However the modern controller highly resembles the Xbox One controller. It will run Atari games on the console and it will also run low grade PC games using linux. But let’s keep this in mind! No specific game has been announced yet. This is getting funnier by the minute. And the price point is going to be between $250 to $300. Wow that’s quite a bit of money for this thing having NO GAMES announced. And the final piece of information we have is that there is still no date for when they will start taking pre-orders. They say sometime in the next month, but WHEN?

This is starting to become just a bigger joke by the day. I mean seriously! What kind of company comes out and says this is our console, we have no games announced, we have no exact date when you can pre-order it, and it will cost about $250 to $300? And keep in mind that they had a day back in December when you could start pre-ordering this thing only to cancel at the last minute. This if you ask me just has disaster written all over this. That’s definitely a red flag. The guys running Atari now should just quit while they are ahead.

The only selling point that the Atari VCS has is nostalgia. And unfortunately they are going to get a few people to buy this thing on that alone. It’s made out of real wood grain. But besides that does this thing really sound that awesome to a person that they would want to buy it? And at the price point they are asking. It sounds like it’s just going to be another Android Box to me. An overpriced one. The best piece of advice I can give you people that are even thinking about buying one is to not buy one. I understand the nostalgia factor, and that Atari is the grandfather of the whole video game industry. But I will say this and I may get some negative feedback when I say this and that’s ok. Atari is not Nintendo. Nintendo may be able to get away with selling consumers on nostalgia but not Atari. In my opinion they didn’t have a big enough impact on elevating the video game industry to where it is now. They may have been first but last I checked they also contributed to the Video Game Crash of 1983. And they also buried unsold copies of the game E.T. in a landfill in New Mexico. (No joke people! Google it!).

These guys should just quit while they are ahead. I mean they may have a prototype but no games, no launch date, there’s just no hope. Stop it Atari. Just please go away and we the people will pretend that you never tried to make a comeback. In other words just stay in your place. Does anyone really plan on purchasing one of these? If you do you are gonna have to make a strong argument. And more of an argument than the whole nostalgia factor. But answer me this for me. What can this thing do that you can’t already do with the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or any Android Box on the market? Save your money. Invest in something better. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. I hope you take my advice and come back next time! See you soon. For further reading check this article out!

2 thoughts on “Ataribox/Atari VCS Update

  1. Wow! I had not even heard of this that is crazy 😜 I used to love Atari when I was little but seriously I think it has had its time and the competition is too great for them to do that well with this unless people buy solely on nostalgia alone.

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