Video Games! Are they to blame for the mass shootings we’ve witnessed?


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Let me first start this out by saying that I do not condone violence what so ever. I may play games, watch movies, and even listen to music that have violence in them but it doesn’t mean that I support or ever been influenced by violence. Now there have been quite a bit of massacre shootings in the US. More in recent history than I can remember. They have occurred in schools from Columbine High School to the one that just occurred at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They have occurred in work places such as the one in San Bernardino, CA a few years ago. I was a few blocks from that place on the day that went down and it was a crazy day let me tell you. And they have even occurred in public places like the one that occurred in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival last year. But regardless of the individuals who are committing these senseless acts of violence whether they are a youth or a grown adult, it is the individual who should own it and take responsibility for their actions. We should not be blaming media and entertainment such as video games, movies, and music that made them commit that act of violence in the first place.

Now I feel since this shooting in Florida has happened politicians are looking to play the blame game. And what better way to bring up an old argument of violence in video games. This has been an issue since the mid 90’s when you had games such as Doom, and Mortal Kombat  going through controversies with violence in games during that time. It’s one of the reasons why we have ratings in video games today. I do feel that was a good decision however. Sometimes I feel video games today is compared to that of gangsta rap in the mid 90’s. They may talk about violence in songs but do they really promoted and influence violence? Here’s what rapper Eazy-E’s answer was in an interview he did during that time.

Now let’s go back to video games. A great percentage of video games have violence in them but do they promote or influence violence? I feel it’s all on the individual and the choices that they make. I’ll use myself as an example. One of the first video games I ever played was Duck Hunt. It had the NES Zapper or gun and I would play that game for hours in front of my TV. The developers of that game never told me to go out, buy a firearm and kill somebody. I also feel that my mother regulating me not just on that game but any game I played as a youth growing up made me realize it’s only fun and it’s just for entertainment. She told me that if I get upset over a video game that I shouldn’t be playing them at all. This is something I will definitely do with my daughter when she is old enough to pick up a controller. I do feel parents should definitely know what video games their children are playing at all times. But whether the parent is involved or know what their kids are playing still doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s on the individual making that choice to go out and commit a senseless act of violence. Video games are suppose to be  a fun form of entertainment for people from all walks of life. Anyone that would actually do something that they’ve seen in video game is just crazy. If they are blaming it on the video games they are playing then they are sick and need some help.

Now what’s making me mad is politicians thinking that they know everything about everything. Even when it comes to video games. But in my opinion 9 times out of 10 politicians don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to video games. Something bad happens in this country they are quick to point the finger at video games. Why is that? It’s been proven that video games do not cause a person to become more violent. But yet we have our president saying it’s creating monsters, and a Rhode Island state representative wanting to tax violent video games. Seriously? I understand that video games isn’t for everybody and there will always be people who are anti-video games but they shouldn’t be blaming video games for mass shootings in America.

Overall I feel that when we have situations like this we need to look at the bigger picture. This situation is more than just what we are watching in movies, or playing in video games. A copy of Call of Duty doesn’t come with an AR-15 assault rifle. Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t come with an SMG. Video game controllers doesn’t kill or take lives. Idiots with weapons take lives. Like I said before it’s all on the individual making the choice to do a senseless act and take away innocent lives when committing a mass shooting such as the one we saw in Florida. Hopefully we see history from these kids and they get politicians to look at the real cause of the problem and they can implement change and ultimately never see anything like this ever happening again. We can only hope. Agree or disagree with what I just wrote about? Please leave comments in the comments below and we can definitely chat about it. If you like this or any of my other work please give me a like and subscribe if you haven’t done so yet. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s TWOTALL4UFOOL. Remember TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Hopefully we all can achieve more after this situation. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Video Games! Are they to blame for the mass shootings we’ve witnessed?

  1. I feel like this was something that I needed to write about. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines on this topic. Video games is something I’m very passionate about and I feel politicians are just trying to point the finger at them for no good reason. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed the article.


  2. Ok, here is my thoughts on this. However, context is important. I am from the United Kingdom.
    First, I don’t believe that video games “cause” massare shootings. I think that is a nonsense argument to deflect attention away from gun control. Your post wasn’t about that, so I won’t belabour the point, however I will make a pair of statements that are irrefutable. A person with access to a firearm can shoot people. A person with no access to firearms cannot. I think a major part of the problem with these tragedies is the prevalence of weapons that can affect maximum damage for minimal skill. But, as I said, your post was about video games and I can get a bit ranty about this topic, so I will move back to topic.
    I don’t think video game violence creates the mindset in someone to go out an commit murder. I think that mindset is caused by social factors, such as what is happening at home, attitudes towards violent behaviour in general, poverty in the area, a lack of strong role models and even mental health issues. All of these can cause a person to tip over the edge, I believe, as it were. A video game doesn’t. There is a big but coming. Someone already started on the path by their social/circumstance factors may be inspired (not really the word I want, but it does the job) to act in a certain way based on what they have seen on screen. In a sense the game doesn’t cause the problem, but takes those at risk and makes them more likely to perform these awful acts. Anyway, those are the thoughts of an outsider looking in aghast at the situation.

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    1. I’m bother by the fact that people will go as low to use video games as a scapegoat as to why tragedies like these are happening. I really believe that every gamer should be concerned about what could happen if we don’t speak up about the situation.


      1. It’s a symptom of a larger issue. But too many are invested in owning an arsenal and misquoting their laws to actually admit some of them might be outdated

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  3. This is a great post! I honestly think that even most, if not all games don’t condone violence either (of course there are exceptions) Especially for games like Mass Effect or the Witcher where the more violent options have a lot of consequences that stay with you for the rest of the game. Very rarely are games violent for the sake of being violent. I feel like the most popular games are about a hero trying to fight for peace and overcome evil. Or they’re just fighting style games like Mortal Combat which I have a hard time believing could influence anyone to be violent. Thank you for sharing!


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