Dragon Ball FighterZ: Game Review


Players: 2

Co-op: No

Genre: Fighting 

Release Date: 1/26/2018

ESRB Rating: T

Developer: Arc System Works

Publisher: Bandai

Platform Review On: PlayStation 4

Additional Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Initial Thoughts: I had the opportunity to demo this game at E3 last year and I was quite impressed. I’m not the biggest fan of fighting games even though I do play the WWE 2K series and buy the game each and every year. But this game just had something special. A 2D retro feel with some incredible graphics. Another thing that may make this weird is that I wasn’t even the biggest  Dragon Ball Z fan growing up either. I mean I know the bulk of the main characters since my brother watched it religiously, but I’ve never been a big enough fan of the show or series to buy any of its merchandise. That includes video games. But after demoing this, some friends wanting to buy it and hearing about their online I figured this could be a triple A game I could get into.

Description: The game is online for the most part. The campaign is done offline however but you are still on an online server. You are put into a lobby based on what region you are in. And there are a ton of them. Once you are in a lobby you can fight other players in that lobby or you can fight your friends (if they can find you). The campaign is pretty generic. I haven’t finished it yet but you pretty much just go with the flow. As for the fighting aspect of the game it is a 3 on 3 battle. You choose 3 characters of your choice. As for character selection if you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball Z they should be characters you are quite familiar with. Too many to name but Goku, Krillin, Vegeta, Gohan just to name of few of them. They also have some dlc coming later on this year. I know I’m not going to be that invested in the game so I just skipped it for now. Maybe I’ll get it at a later date (or price cut). So you choose your characters and then you go into battle with your opponent and your you pretty much have to defeat all of your opponents characters to win the battle. You can switch characters as you are fighting by using the assist button. Even though it is 2D animation like the cartoon show it has amazing battle cut scenes that I feel is just incredible. I was a little skeptical it would be exactly like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite  but to mention those two games in the same sentence is a disrespect to the game we’re talking about here. You are in for fun ride and with the dlc on its way there is gonna be a whole ton of support for a while. Bottom line this is the BEST FIGHTING GAME out right now.

Final Thoughts: I was a little disappointed however with the servers when I tried getting an online match. As much as I like this game I had to shed a few points in me giving this game a final score. But I was able to look past that and I was very impressed with the overall gameplay. If you love fighting games you need to get this. Even if you aren’t the biggest Dragon Ball Z fan. As for the casual fan when it comes to fighting games if you are looking for something to get into as far a fighting game pick this up. I highly recommend.

My Score: I give this game a 7.5/10. The servers turned me off a bit so I had to take that into the consideration. Plus it is a pain trying to play your online buddy getting into a lobby within your region.

Video Gameplay Footage: Here’s about 30 minutes of gameplay I broadcasted to Twitch. You’ll see just how great this game is. Hope you enjoy. And add me on Twitch if  you are on there.

Click here to watch the video.

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