Nintendo Labo! My Thoughts!

Nintendo labo

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. I got some thoughts on this Nintendo Labo, or Lame-O….. Whatever you want to call it! LOL! Before I get into this I’m just going to say this. ONLY NINTENDO! Some how they manage to keep bringing back the motion controls in one fashion or another. If it’s not 1-2-Switch then it’s this upcoming Nintendo Labo. You would think as a consumer that they would’ve ditched this gimmick after the Wii U failure but they just keep finding a way for it to stay around. We can only hope motion controls will go away forever right!

So one thing I’ve accepted about this is that it’s for kids. It’s not being advertised to average gamer. And it shouldn’t be. So that’s a start. Advertise something great for the kids. It’s coming out this spring so it could be a great gift idea. For either your kids birthday, or the holiday season. It looks interactive and to the looks of the images and videos I’ve seen you can play a piano, control a robot, go fishing, pretend like you are riding a motorcycle, and a whole lot more. It’s like Legos or K’nex combined with video games. Kind of a weird combination if you ask me. From the looks of it however it appears that any kid would have fun with this Nintendo Labo. But this could turn out to be a disaster though. For the simple reason that it is cardboard!

Now if you are a parent and if your kids have seen videos of this I would be very very concerned. Like I said before this is cardboard. If you are a parent you know that kids can tear things up very very easy. Cardboard last I checked isn’t very durable. It can rip and tear easily and to the looks of it I don’t think this Labo is going to last. Thank god my daughter is only 2 or I would be concerned too if she wanted that. It’s also pretty pricey when I looked at the price it started at $69.99 for the Variety Kits. The Robot Kit I believe is more. That’s the price of Switch Pro Controller. That’a lot of money for cardboard. Surely they could’ve come up with Legos or something a little similar. Something that’s going to last.

So parents I do have recommendations on if you should buy this or not. My first plan would be try not to let your kids see the video. But if they do see it however this is what you are going to have to do. If you game with your kids get ready to be using some more motion controls. As I see this will be the only way to not buy multiple kits for $70+. I’m serious. You are going to have to play with them. But look on the bright side you are spending some quality time with your kids. And as for the parents that don’t like to game, I suggest you start learning unless you want to be dropping more money on this. I know if my kid is playing with this it’s something I would not be letting her play with unless I’m around. There are some games you can have your kid play alone but this Nintendo Labo requires adult involvement and supervision. Well you could leave them unsupervised and play with it but in my opinion you’ll be sorry.

Anyway those are my thoughts on the Nintendo Labo. It launches on April 20th. If you want to learn more about what Nintendo Labo is here’s a link to the website. Once again  may I say ONLY NINTENDO! And did I mention that this is cardboard? Blogging live to you and yours! It’s TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks hope you read the next one!

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