How Do You Retro Game In 2021?

Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. So I have a question. How do you play your retro games in 2021? I’m sure that everyone who comes across this post will have a different answer or solution. I’m very curious as to how gamers play retro games nowadays whether they’re a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or neither. So for this post I want to list and talk about the different solutions as to how a gamer can play retro games in 2021. If you do retro game currently I’m sure you use one these ways I’m about to mention. If you don’t and are maybe looking to get into retro gaming then definitely read the information I’m about to discuss.

Solution #1: Original Hardware

Yes there are still people who use original hardware to play retro games. And to many people that is the way retro games were meant to be played. Now the easiest solution would be to have your original console and a CRT TV as your monitor. But if you are looking to play retro games with original hardware don’t feel that you need to go to a garage sale or OfferUp looking for a CRT TV. These days many places sale analog converters. That is one way to hook up your retro console to a modern TV. Another solution may be specific to the console. HDMI converters for example. It may not give you 1080p but you’ll get it working. There are also knock off consoles that plug into HDMI TVs that will play your old games. One example of this would Analogue’s series of consoles such as the Super Nt or Mega Sg. They also have consoles that can play multiple games from different consoles. An example of this would be the RetroN 3-In-1 Retro Gaming Console sold by Hyperkin. So if this is your way to play retro games great. But keep in mind there are other alternatives.

Solution #2: Your Current Generation Console

You can look on the console you already own. There may be retro gaming solutions on these consoles. For example Sony has PlayStation Now which is a streaming service that let’s you stream games Sony consoles as old as the PS2. Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate where you can find many classic titles such as Banjo-Kazooie. And Nintendo on the Switch has their online service of retro games from the NES and SNES. If you still have your Wii U laying around you can access the Virtual Console and buy games from not only the NES and SNES but the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and TurboGrafx-16. If you have a Nintendo 3DS you have access to Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Sega Game Gear games through its Virtual Console. Also some of the online stores sale retro games. For example you can find the arcade classic Sunset Riders on the Nintendo eShop and PS Store. So really dig into the consoles you have and you may find a retro game you like.

Solution #3: Look For A Compilation

There are plenty of retro game compilation out there. Capcom seems to be the king of this. They have all sorts of compilations from the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2, to the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, to the Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, to the Disney Afternoon Collection. Those four collections alone make an excellent collection of retro games in your library. Sega also has great compilations. It seems like every console generation they are putting a compilation out of their Sega Genesis games. Nintendo has recently gotten in on the fun also when it comes to compilations. They recently put out Super Mario 3D All-Stars which feature three classic Mario games. There are a lot of compilations of retro games when it comes to current generation hardware. The retro game you want to play may be easier to play than you think.

Solution #4: Classic Mini Consoles

Now some of these may be harder to find than others. Last year Nintendo was selling refurbished NES and SNES Classics on their website. You never know if they’ll do that again. To find one of those right now is still real expensive. The PS One Classic was a big disappointment but you can still find it (if you really want one). The Sega Genesis Mini is also still on the market. There are also other options available such as The Atari Flashback X, and the Intellivision Flashback. Now with these mini consoles they come with a preset amount of games. Some gamers may be satisfied with how they come but others may want to test the limits. Which brings me to my fifth and final solution.

Solution #5: Emulators On Various Devices

Now some of the mini consoles I named up above you can hack and add or delete games as you please. But what if you want to play retro games on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Well there are plenty of emulator apps that you can use to play retro games. You can also look into buying a single board computer such as a Raspberry Pi. You can even mod an older console such as a PS3 or Wii U and load it up with a ton of retro games. The only risk you run of emulating a video game is having to find the ROM somewhere. As we all know that is a grey area. If you proceed to go down that route please proceed with caution. There are a lot of tutorials out there to watch as well if you are looking to get into more advanced emulation.

So I just named you five ways on how you can retro game in 2021. If you do retro game in 2021 you are probably using one of the five solutions I listed. Or did I miss anything? Well however you play retro games in 2021 let me know in the comments down below. Until next time blogging live to you and yours it’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL. Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. Thanks for reading. More great content is coming. Stay safe y’all.

4 thoughts on “How Do You Retro Game In 2021?

  1. I pretty much use all five of the options you provided. I have original hardware, play retro releases on modern machines or play the collections released there (the Castlevania Anniversary set is a particular favorite of mine), I have a set of mini consoles (the TG16 and C64 mini are excellent), and I also have a solid emulation set up (both on my PC and a Raspberry Pi).

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