How Gaming Can Help Recovering Addicts


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Today’s post is a guest from Patrick Bailey. He talks about how video games and help recovering addicts. And I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who use video games as an anti-drug. I don’t know if you all have read in the news recently but video game addiction is now a mental health disorder. Here’s a link to an article if you want to check that out. Anyway enjoy’s Patrick’s piece and I’ll be back at the end to sum it all up.

Recovering from drug addiction is a process that takes time and requires patience. It requires patience both on the side of the addicts and the loved ones around them. There are two aspects of drug addiction recovery. There is the physical aspect and the psychological aspect. While the physical can be treated using medical procedures and prescriptions, the psychological part uses various forms of therapy.

One of the things that therapy is supposed to do for the addict is to get their mind off the drug. As a result of dependence, an addict’s mind is always fixated on when they can enjoy their next portion of the drug. Any positive activity that can help distract their minds from the drugs should be welcome. This can have a considerable impact on what percentage of alcoholics recover, for example. Gaming is a fantastic way to keep an addict’s mind engaged and distracted from their dependence.

How Does Gaming Help?

Gaming has become quite interesting and fun, especially with all the current developments in technology. There are also a lot of video games available. You’ll find video games on literary every aspect of life. As such, it is highly unlikely that one would not find a video game that they enjoy playing. All the fun experienced during gaming can help addicts gradually take their mind off drugs. After all, they are always looking for fun, although not quite similar to the one experienced while gaming, when they go taking the drugs. The idea is to distract the mind.

Gaming can also be quite helpful during cognitive behavioral therapy. It can help an addict rediscover their talents, character, and ambitions that are often lost when the drugs take a toll on them. Most of the games will trigger the player to think critically and make certain decisions that determine how good of a player they are. This helps to develop their mind and thinking capacity as well. They are, therefore, able to reason better while making various choices and decisions.

Modern gaming consoles and other gaming platforms allow people to compete against each other. You can compete with other players online or physically. This allows you to socialize and engage with people in a way that builds a connection. Drug addicts tend to be withdrawn and find it hard to talk to people and express themselves. In most instances, this makes the situation worse. While gaming, the addicts can converse and express their excitement or sadness, which makes one feel good about themselves.

The bottom line is, gaming is a very effective way of getting an addict’s mind focused on developing themselves. Drug addiction takes someone’s identity away and the drug they are abusing becomes their identity. Addicts do not have anything they are working on in their lives and live for the gulp or sniff of their favorite drug. Drug addiction is more in the mind that it is on the physical body. It becomes quite easy to shun drug use when the mind has been pulled out of bondage.



I think that video games have saved a lot people from drug and alcohol addiction. It is definitely a great alternative and great escape from reality in a good way. Just as long as it isn’t being abused. Great job Patrick. For those of you who want to reach out to him I’ll leave his email down below. And if you want to write a guest post for this site please feel free to reach out and if you stay on topic you are in. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember that TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks. Stay cool and stay real!

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