Retro Game Review: Sonic Advance

sonic advance

Players: 4

Co-op: No

Genre: Action, Platform

Release Date: 02/03/2002

ESRB Rating: E

Developer: Dimps

Publisher: THQ

Platform Reviewed On: Nvidia Shield Android TV (Retroarch app)

Additional Platforms: Game Boy Advance

Initial Thoughts: In the generation of the 16-bit war. The war between Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. I was on team Super Nintendo. But even though that was my system of choice I always wanted to play a Sonic game. My cousins had a Genesis growing up so I had the liberty of playing the original Sonic games when I visited them. When Sega ditched the Dreamcast in 2001 and I heard that Sonic Advance would be coming to the Game Boy Advance I was super excited. Finally a franchise I played over the years I could finally play on Nintendo hardware. Sounded weird at first but now no one even thinks about it anymore.

Description: The game is a platformer and if you like any of the classic Sonic platformers whether it was on the Genesis or Game Gear you will like this one. You start the game out with your choice of four characters. Either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy Rose. There are six zones which is split into to two acts each. When I played I only went through four of them. You run through each of the levels dodging obstacles, jumping off springs, bouncing off enemies and much more. The first level of the act your object is to just get to the end of the level. The second level of the act when you reach the end of the level you fight Dr. Eggman in a boss battle. Beat him and you move on to the next zone. Now this may not have been the greatest Sonic game ever made but for it being the first Sonic game to ever come on a Nintendo platform, I’m sure it has value to a lot gamers out there. Especially if you are a Nintendo fan. I feel the game is forgotten and highly under rated. It’s a really good game. If you are looking for a quick Sonic adventure on the handheld whether you want to use a original hardware or an emulator of some sort you won’t be disappointed. And the fact that it is letting you choose 3 other characters besides Sonic is pretty awesome. The only this it is missing is Sonic & Tails together as a team.

Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a good old school Sonic game to play I recommend either picking it up used if you can find it or playing it on an emulator. It’s a different look on Sonic games but the concepts are definitely the same. They won’t disappoint.

My Score: I give this game a 7.5/10. Like I said before it is not the best Sonic game ever but you will have fun if you pick it up. If you love Sonic you definitely have this game in your Sonic game collection. Don’t let this game slip by.

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8 thoughts on “Retro Game Review: Sonic Advance

  1. As I didn’t grow up with any Sega consoles, Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle were my introduction to the series. The latter was a decent game for its time, though it hasn’t exactly held up well. I remember playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog after Sonic Advance only to be astounded that I had to actually stop and wait in certain levels. In Sonic Advance, I was used to being able to hold right until I cleared the stage. So while I have fond memories of Sonic Advance, I have to admit that after having played the Genesis installments, I can say it doesn’t quite reach that same level of quality.

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    1. I can respect your opinion of it not being as great as the original Sonic games on the Genesis/Megadrive. But I think it was great in terms of introducing the Nintendo audience to Sonic. Really gamers who have never played a Sonic game before.

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      1. It was a great introduction, for it got me interested in the series. Indeed, for a lot of people who grew up primarily on Nintendo consoles, it was a great way to get into the series, and the Mega Collection was a perfect way to allow them to catch up. Too bad the next original console game was Sonic Heroes.

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