Trump’s Meeting With Video Game Executives Recap & Reaction


Blogging live to you and yours! It’s your boy TWOTALL4UFOOL! I feel like I’ve beaten this politics and gaming to death a lot lately but I feel that these are situations where all gamers should be aware of what is going on. Don’t just sit there and play but keep up to date on the situations going on. So last Thursday President Trump sat down with ESA, and other top executives from the video game industry. No it wasn’t to discuss the Nintendo Direct. But rather to talk about the violence in video games and if it is having an effect on our youth of America to go out and commit deadly mass shootings like the one we saw at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month. After reading several articles on it my question is did anything get accomplished in this meeting? My answer would have to be no. Sounds like it was a waste of time to me.

Here are a few articles I’ll leave links to. You go ahead and be the judge if both sides came to a resolution or not:

Ok did anyone tell the President that we’ve been down this road before. Did he just want to get into a time machine and go back to 1993. This is seriously a waste of time. There have been studies to support the fact that there is no evidence that video games make the people playing them more violent or aggressive. I mean everyone at this meeting knows that this has already been proven right? Vice President at the time in 2013 Joe Biden did something similar after the Sandy Hook shooting. After the evidence was presented to him did they have anymore meetings? No! But after reading the articles that I listed up above I would be very surprised if Trump still decides to moderate talks on this issue. Nothing is in the works from congress to the sounds of it. I personally don’t even think there will be another meeting on this issue. The ESA and ESRB I feel do an excellent job of educating people from politicians to parents about the ratings system on video games. And if you visit any of their websites they can give people looking for information an in-depth analysis of what each rating is, and based on those ratings a recommendation of what age group should be playing that particular game. What more do you want them to do politicians?

When are politicians going to learn? California already tried banning sales of violent video games to minors. That didn’t work. You got this lawmaker in Rhode Island trying to put a tax on violent video games, and saying that the proceeds would go to schools to help students that are in need of counseling. Ok if we do that can we put a tax on violent movies as well. Speaking of movies how come Trump hasn’t met with any movie industry leaders about this issue. They are just as much the problem as video games are right? It’s just funny to me how they like to point the finger at everything else instead of talking about the issue at hand. Video games and movies never killed anyone last I checked. Stop using them as a scapegoat please. And let’s talk about the REAL issues here.

I admit that mental health is a big problem in my country right now. It’s one of the issues politicians should be talking about and not the violence in video games. But when any of the mass shootings we saw that happened last year occurred I did not hear once that video games was any of the possibilities as to why. But when this happens at a school then let’s point the finger at video games. That just really gets me upset. And it just proves that the leaders in my country will point the finger at something they know absolutely NOTHING about. Yes politicians know NOTHING about video games. Another real issue that needs to be discussed among politicians is gun control. Which is protected by that outdated 2nd amendment if you ask me. But how are these guys getting these guns? Like I said before when buy a copy a Call of Duty it doesn’t come with the real life versions of the weapons that are in the game. I don’t understand how a single video game from blu-ray, to compact disc, or even cartridge can take the life of a person. Video games don’t kill. Individuals operating guns do.

I’ll share some of my experiences with violent video games growing up. I started off by playing NES games such as Robocop, and Duck Hunt. Those were some of the early games I can think of that had guns in them. Duck Hunt came with a light gun NES Zapper that you fired at your TV. Later on I played games such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Counter-Strike. And these games I was playing around the time when Columbine had happened. Playing any of those games never made me want to go out and mimic what I saw in them. At the end of the day I know it’s just a game and everything happening in the game is pretty much make believe. My mother regulated the kind of games I played, and I was responsible with them. I plan on doing the same thing with my daughter. Now I don’t know the situation with all parents but I feel up until a certain age parents should always monitor what their kids are playing. Whether they are playing the game with them or not.

Anyway I feel that the two sides have more bigger problems to worry about. Politicians about both sides of gun control, and the mental health issue. As for the video game industry microtransactions I feel are a bigger problem for them right now. Anyway enough with me and talking about gaming and politics. Unless something breaks in the near future I promise I’ll stay away from these issues in future posts. But I want to know how do you all feel about this? Do you think Congress will push for a new bill on violent video games? Let me know in the comments below. Like, comment and subscribe. And share this and any of my other content around too. I would appreciate that a lot. Blogging live to you and yours! It’s TWOTALL4UFOOL! Remember TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Thanks for reading folks! See you here next time!

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