Agents of Mayhem: Game Review

Agents of Mayhem

Players: 1

Co-op: No

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sandbox

Release Date: 08/15/2017

ESRB Rating: M

Developer: Volition

Publisher: Deep Silver

Platform Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

Additional Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Initial Thoughts: If you are a fan of the Saints Row franchise, then this game is the next chapter in the series. Saints Row 4 I think pushed the bar in terms of how ridiculous a game can get, and it’s safe to say with this one we got a bit of a reset. When I tried this out at E3 I didn’t think it was all that great and even contemplated not buying it. I was going to try it when I saw the price was right. Well GameStop had a sell a few weeks ago and I was able to snag it for just $19.99. Not to mention this was a Triple-A release. So was getting this game worth it?

Description: Playing this game is a bit different from the previous Saints Row games. Even the title is different, ‘Agents of Mayhem‘. What’s really different though is that you don’t play as the boss and make a customized character. Instead you play as any of the agents you choose to select. The setting is now in a futuristic version of Seoul, Korea. The group M.A.Y.H.E.M. founded by their leader Persephone Brimstone is a group of specialty skilled agents from across the world. You the player control up to three agents per mission going up against the evil forces of L.E.G.I.ON. There are up to 12 playable agents in the game. Even more if you get the DLC packs for characters such as fan favorite Johnny Gat. To unlock him and the other DLC characters you have to unlock the others first. Each agent has their own abilities. And the unique thing is you switch characters while you out in the field. So if you want to use another character. Simply switch and one of the other agents you selected will appear. A different twist than past games. It may feel a little weird at first but after playing a few times it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it. As you go through the game you get weapon upgrades for the agents as well, as other incentives such as additional vehicles, and skins for the agents that you can change by doing bonus missions. Some of the other characters in the game include the trio known as the Franchise Force which features Hollywood, Fortune, and Hardtack. Those are also the three characters available to you at the start of the game. All of the other characters are in trios as well. Once you unlock them all you can do a mission with that trio. Other characters in this game include Pierce Washington under the alias Kingpin, and Oleg now going under the alias Yeti. Those are characters from previous Saints Row games. Kinzie now going under the alias Safeword like Gat is playable but also DLC. It’s very excellent how every character uses their weapons. Especially their mayhem attack weapons. If you do decide to pick this game up definitely experiment with every character before deciding who your main go to guys will be.

Final Thoughts: This does have a different twist from previous games of the franchise. I think this is good and bad. What’s bad is I miss creating a character and having your homies side by side in combat against you. What I do like however is being able to experiment with every character in the game by simply changing who you control. Aside from that it was a lot better when I played from the beginning to where I am in the game now instead of a random level they had ready for us at E3. I understand it is a demo but it just didn’t feel right at the time. But I had to give this game a shot since I’ve had such a great experience with the games in this series. Was it worth my $19.99? I’ll tell you like this, I feel like I should’ve paid more. 😁

My Score: I give this game a 7.5/10. I feel like it is worth the $39.99 that it is priced at right now. If you can get it cheaper than that then even better but you would still have to pay for the DLC. If you get it brand new they are giving you the Johnny Gat DLC.

Amazon Link: Agents of Mayhem – PlayStation 4

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