Here are links to my fellow Bloggers Buddies and YouTubers I follow. This page will be updated frequently as I hope to get make more buddies in the wonderful world of blogging. If you want to be mentioned on this page just follow your boy and I’ll follow you back. I do suggest taking a look at every single one of these other blogs if you get the chance. A lot great content creators out there not only in my niche but other niches as well. If you feel I missed you just hit me up and I’ll be sure to fix that!

Andrea @ Saving Joyfully
Chuck @ Vintage RetroMan
Gaming Diaries
Ellen @ Livid Lightning
Fines @ Our View Gaming
Giles @ Giles Meets World
Iriowen @ Beautylogéa
Jen @ Nerdy Vegas Chic
Joey @ AlunaRL
John @ It’s More Than Just Gaming
Kim @ Later Levels
Kris @ Frugal Husband
Kristen & Rachel @ Double Jump
KT @ Wintendo 64
Matthew @ Normal Happenings
Megan @ A Geeky Gal
Melissa @ Project Trailmix
Pix1001 @ Shoot The Rookie
Rebecca @ Game Over Box
Sharon @ Sharonchy
Shelby @ Falcon Game Reviews
Strange Girl Gaming
Tabitha @ The Gaming Teacher
Tinisha @ Tyme With T

8-Bit Eric
Dreamcast Guy
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
RTG 85
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Spawn Wave

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